Why organic weed killer is important for our planet’s future?

Weed killing chemicals were previously praised for overcoming agricultural difficulties and shortages. Pesticides were known as the technological answer to combating weeds, insects and other pests that impeded healthy crops. Herbicides increased crop yields by keeping the soil fertile and thus leading to more vigorous, potent plants. However, these artificial weed killer products come with …

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How can SNS solve your garden issues?

We are a growing family business that has been creating & manufacturing pesticides, fungicides and herbicides for over 10 years. We strive to make quality organic & natural garden solutions that are safe around pets & children, & also reduce the environmental impact on the planet. We process raw certified organic botanicals & herbs in-house, …

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What is Powdery Mildew?

Plants are constantly exposed to the elements. Rainfall, irrigation and sunlight all play a part in diseases and how to control them. Powdery mildew forms on plants when the plant is dry, there’s little light and there is high humidity. During late spring, early summer when the weather is cool & humid is when plants …

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Spider Mite Infestations

How do you know if you have spider mites? Spider mite infestation can look innocent in the beginning. Some yellow leaves, a little wilting so you add some water and give it more light. But before you know it your plant is covered in webbing and you plant is dying – fast. Spider mites are …

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Spraying 209 at T&A

Invasive pests cause up to 40% of viable crops loss yearly. Leaving farmers to destroy their stock and later dealing with disease spread by pests. Common Pests in Crops: Aphids White Flies Leaf Miner Mites Cutworms Earwigs Lygus Bugs Maggots Thrips Fungus Gnats Root Aphids Larvae Plants are constantly exposed to the elements. Rainfall, irrigation …

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How to use liquid fertilizer

Most potted and garden plants have no chance to develop without fertilization. Here, soil ecosystems are inadequate for growth. Using artificial nutrients is therefore necessary to make up for the lack of certain minerals. Effective fertilization requires knowledge, which is difficult for beginners in gardening. What is liquid fertilizer? Liquid fertilizer is a suitable solution …

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When to apply weed killer

When it appears there are more weeds on the lawn than the grass itself and you can’t remove them manually, weed killers come to the rescue. However, when deciding to use a weed killer for grass, vegetables, flowers, or any other plants, know that the application of each of these substances requires the utmost care. …

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What is Pesticide Resistance

Living organisms by definition are not homogenous. The species constantly evolve, including your vegetable and fruit plants. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what your plants are and aren’t resistant to. Pesticide resistance is the natural and transmissible capacity of certain plants to survive exposure to this pesticide product. How can it be explained that …

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Modern/Hi-Tech Farming —

Modern/Hi-Tech Farming is all about reusing available natural resources and increasing productivity and yield. Modern hi-tech farming includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, soil management, landscape, and garden design, construction, and maintenance. Besides, it includes large-scale crop production and pisciculture. Different types of Modern hi-tech Farming Poly-house/Green house Vertical farming which includes Hydroponics Aeroponics Aquaponics Bioflocs What is Polyhouse or Greenhouse? Polyhouse/Greenhouse is an […]

Modern/Hi-Tech Farming —

5 Common Sense Advantages To Using Hydroponics — The Plant King

Hydroponics Infographic If you are new to hydroponics, you will quickly realize the benefits of growing plants using this system. The folks at HydroponicMicroFarms have come up with this amazing hydroponics infographic detailing fun facts and figures. So, whether your a hydroponics newbie or an advanced grower, check out these Earth-saving facts and figures. […]

5 Common Sense Advantages To Using Hydroponics — The Plant King